The modular conference table for any situation. The table tops and trestles can be combined as desired, meaning you can configure tables as wide as you need. Conferences today mean: Lots of mobile devices are on the table requiring connections and cables. dito uses the joints of the divided table tops as a cable trough and for connector panels and accessories – a simple solution instead of complicated mechanics. Connector panels are deliberately not concealed or integrated. They are placed directly on the table, making them easily accessible for all. The other cables and mains adapters disappear under the table in a net. dito is available in two heights – 750 and 900 mm.

The modular conference table dito is part of the collection normcore. Normcore contains furniture with a clear and distinct design language that blends into its environment. It is certainly more than suitable for the modern office. However, what is more important: This furniture does not dominate its location. It is laidback, reduced – and fits simply in our time.
Widths of individual panels – 1800 / 2000 / 2200 / 2400 / 2800 / 3200
Depths – 1300 / 1500
Heights – 750 / 900

Table tops and trestles made of coated panels, either plastic or veneer

Photography by Gerhardt Kellermann
Project Assistance by Florian Giele

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