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Steno impresses with a distinct silhouette made of a flat foot, round cable tray and a seemingly wedge-shaped worktop. Sloping side brackets conceal the technology and substructure. The cable tray, screening walls and accessories are easy to attach. steno makes desk work more ergonomic because you can work in both a seated or standing position.

The motorised Sit-to-Stand desk steno is part of the collection normcore. Normcore contains furniture with a clear and distinct design language that blends into its environment. It is certainly more than suitable for the modern office. However, what is more important: This furniture does not dominate its location. It is laidback, reduced – and fits simply in our time.

Widths – 1600 / 1800 / 2000
Depths – 800 / 900
Height – 670 to 1270

Feet, lifting columns, side brackets and traverses – powder-coated steel
table top made of coated panels, either plastic or veneerr

Photography by Gerhardt Kellermann
Project Assistance by Florian Giele

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