“Thinking about a bookshelf, the most important are the books, the rest is construction”, Professor Uwe Fischer once said.
We couldn’t agree more with Mr. Fischer.

SHADOWPLAY, named after Joy Division’s song, is a 1mm thick sheet metal shelving unit which its iconic shape results entirely from the product’s quest for stability and multi-directional usage. Each unit consists of only two different parts, legs and boards, leading to a very simple assembly. The shelf unit is available in two different heights and features different powder coated colors that can be customized according to the client needs. Duo to its characteristics, Shadowplay can easily merge into the surrounding or becoming a prominent actor in a modern room.

Shadowplay is made in Germany
1mm sheet metal powder coated

High Unit – 190 cm × 145 cm × 39 cm ORDER
Low Unit – 920 cm × 145 cm × 39 cm ORDER
Photography by Gerhardt Kellermann
Project Assistant Pawel Szczypinski

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