AUERBERG – AEKI 10th anniversary

Together with Auerberg we celebrate the 10th anniverary of AEKI with an black edition.

Sometimes, furniture manufacturers such as IKEA draw their inspiration from the designs of small manufacturers. In our case, it was the other way around. Gerhardt Kellermann took his inspiration from the
BEKVÄM footstool, with the clear intention of improving it.
Auerberg footstool AEKI (try reading it backwards) is many things in one: a side table, a footstool, a bedside table, but more than that, a creative sculpture, similar to a three dimensional letter.

AEKI is made in upper Bavaria from PEFC-certified ash wood that is first stained black and then lacquered black matt. This preserves the grain of the ash wood.
48 cm x 43 cm x 33 cm


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