J*GAST – Monocle Design Awards 2024

Celebrating the best in design across the world. The Monocle Design Awards honour the people, products and places that are enhancing lives. J*GAST was awarded with best in the kitchen 2024.

German Design Council – “A LOVE STORY”

During the Salone de Mobile, the German Design Council facilitated a talk where Stefan Diez and Ana Relvão engaged with Pere Llonch, CEO of Vibia Lighting, and CMO Judith Patiño. The conversation centered on crafting successful collaborations between designers and manufacturers, likened to a “love story” for its depth and effectiveness in achieving innovative outcomes. (Photo Credit: Giovanni Emilio Galanello)


Panel Discussion with Stefan Diez, Vibia Lighting and Ana Relvão. Moderated by Lutz Dietzold, CEO of the German Design Council. Wednesday 17.04. @ 16:30


In the recent “DesignWELTEN – Wirtschaftsfaktor Design” gathering at Continental AG, Hannover, Ana Relvão of RELVĀOKELLERMANN offered insights into design’s significant impact on business innovation and cultural development. Her presentation, part of the yearly inauguration of the Institut der Norddeutschen Wirtschaft, emphasized the symbiotic relationship between design and economic growth, highlighting the transformative potential within diverse corporate and cultural landscapes. The event featured other engaging Best Cases presentations Professor Felix Klingmüller, Head of Industrial Design, Claudia S. Friedrich of Zweigrad Industrial Design, and Professor Gunnar Spellmeyer. Frank Zierenberg, Director at iF DESIGN, moderated the talk. (Photo Credit: Marcus Prell)

Ana Relvao participating at the IF DESIGN AWARD FINAL JURY

Ana Relvão continues her long-standing role as a jury member for the iF Design Award 2024. The iF Design Award, organized by the iF International Forum Design GmbH headquartered in Hannover, Germany, is recognized globally for celebrating top-notch design. The 2024 jury, consisting of 132 design professionals from more than 20 countries, will evaluate over 11,000 submissions across multiple design disciplines and categories. This diverse and expert panel underscores the award’s international prestige and commitment to excellence in design. Ana’s involvement in such a distinguished panel highlights her esteemed status in the design community and her commitment to fostering innovative design solutions worldwide. (Photo Credit: Roman Thomas)


Ana Relvão is part of the 2024 ICONIC AWARDS jury alongside esteemed industry professionals such as Ester Bruzkus of Ester Bruzkus Architekten, Judith Haase of Gonzalez Haase AAS, Tobias Lutz, founder of Architonic and Chief Strategy & Brand at DAAily Platforms, and Antonio Rodriguez, partner and designer at Matteo Thun & Partners. This diverse group brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the ICONIC AWARDS, highlighting the event’s commitment to celebrating innovation and excellence in interior design.


As longtime art directors of gumpo, we’ve consistently seen our designs achieve high recognition, highlighted by the gumpo pony’s IF Design Gold Award win in 2023. This tradition continues with the PIPO table system. We are excited to present it and other innovations at this year’s Orgatec.


Following the LIGRE youn portafilter espresso machine’s honor with the IF Design Gold Award 2023, we are pleased to announce that the accompanying grinder, the recently introduced LIGRE siji, has received recognition in this year’s IF Design Awards. This acknowledgment underscores our commitment to seamless design and quality.

CRAFT FORWARD TALK @ Meiré und Meiré

A special thank you to Oliver Jahn, Mike Meiré, Kolja Pitz for the engaging and thought-provoking discussion at the CRAFT FORWARD event. We appreciate the presence and participation of everyone who attended.


During the German Design Council Summit 2023, under “connect. collaborate. continue.,” Gerhardt Kellermann of Relvãokellermann and the JGAST collective, highlighted the power of collaborative design. He discussed JGAST’s approach, replacing traditional design methods with collective creativity to shape future innovations and work culture at the Porsche Museum Stuttgart. (Photo Credit: Christof Jakob)

J*GAST wins German Design Award 2024

Statement of the jury:
The innovative ‘J*GAST’ kitchen system enables a creative combination of flush and surface-mounted fronts. An interesting system for more individuality in kitchen design

Ana Relvão & Andreas Enslin: INSIDE Happy Hour

Ana Relvão and Andreas Enslin, Vice President Miele Design Centre, shared insights on innovation in design at Area30. The talk highlighted challenges, solutions, and the dynamic future of product design.

World Design Organisation – TALK

In collaboration with iF Design, WDO hosted a panel exploring the topic of Creative Responsibility: Why we still need designers in the age of AI on 14 May 2023. The event brought together designers and design theorists from in and around Berlin for a conversation around the possibilities of AI and what this new era means for design and the work of the designer.

Ligre wins IF DESIGN AWARD 2023 GOLD

IF Gold statement: The LIGRE coffeemaker evinces both high-end craftmanship and bespoke material selection in every detail. It departs radically from the dominant archetypes of coffee machines, emphasizing the sense of ritual inherent in preparing coffee. In every sense an icon.

gumpo pony wins IF Design Award 2023 Gold

IF Gold statement: The Pony is an ingenious desk and stool combo designed for flexible collaborative spaces. With its playful use of curved forms and soft colors, it provides a relaxing and casual seating arrangement while pushing the boundaries of plywood design.

The Infinite Line Oven as part of the BESPOKE Infinite Line Package wins IF DESIGN AWARD 2023 Gold

We’re very happy to see Samsung’s BESPOKE Infinite Line Package being awarded with the iF DESIGN Gold Award 2023! Congratulations to Samsung’s Design Team! We at RELVĀOKELLERMANN are proud to have contributed a little with the Infinite Line Oven.

IF Gold statement: The Bespoke Infinite Line Package integrates architectural style with sophisticated details and sublime proportions, elevating a simple and functional design through honest and appealing materials. Demonstrating that great design can turn home appliances into lifestyle objects.

Ligre wins German Design Award 2023 GOLD

Statement of the jury: The »LIGRE Otu« portafilter espresso machine with its absolutely no-frills clean design language differs strikingly from the traditional design of conventional machines and thus blends harmoniously into the reduced design of many modern kitchens. Despite its purist appearance, the espresso machine leaves nothing to be desired in terms of user-friendliness and functionality, promises superior performance and a long life thanks to its high-quality workmanship. The fact that the portafilter espresso machine is also very energy-efficient is a further advantage. The »LIGRE Otu« portafilter espresso machine challenges familiar, traditional aesthetics and becomes an iconic design statement that confidently points to the future.


Jury statement: J*GAST, the kitchen furniture system developed by Holzrausch, is based on an innovative frame rather than a conventional body construction. This allows for savings of up to 45% in materials and thus valuable resources, minimising its carbon footprint. In addition, the combination of flush and overlapping fronts and the recessed profile create a characteristic joint pattern that makes the kitchen distinctive. It is a great solution that lies between an individual kitchen and a standardised industrial solution, which is also sustainable.


These new built-in ovens add a finishing touch to the most exquisite European kitchen. They can be installed side by side or stacked depending on needs. Satin, a cutting-edge glass, was used for the oven doors. The glass adds to the overall aesthetics and blends seamlessly into the matte exterior of the surrounding kitchen cabinetry. The simple, sleek bar handle gives an understated feel to the flawless look. The matte texture on the haptic knob combined with minimalist controls gives a sense of reliability while providing intuitive control.

gumpo – pipo wins stylepark selected award 2022

The best novelties of each design year are honored with the Stylepark Selected Award. Whether typological and design diversity, innovative and smart or sustainable and aesthetically attractive – the novelties honored by the Stylepark Selected Award jury are united by their outstanding design quality. “

Jury statement: The “pipo” table by Relvãokellermann for gumpo appears solid, but offers maximum flexibility: the structure of rectangular or square top and round legs is surprisingly lightweight, can be assembled without tools, is individually adaptable and can be electrified with concealed cable routing. Thanks to the structure in the core of the top, there is no need for reinforcing metal crossbars and virtually all components are made of wood-based materials. “pipo” can therefore be manufactured in individual sizes according to requirements.

gumpo pony wins AIT innovation award 2022

We are really happy and proud that gumpo pony was able to win the 1st price of the AIT Innovation Award Architecture+ Office 2022. Here, you can find the statement of the jury:

Ana Relvão and Gerhardt Kellermann, art directors at gumpo, designed a very likeable piece of furniture that not only captivates with its charm and wit. It also meets all the requirements of the modern workspace: people can sit on it in a variety of ways, and it not only adopts one perspective but can react quickly to different needs – whether in a library, a school, a foyer, at home or in the office. Pony impresses with its material mix of wood and recycled plastic waste, but last but not least, it makes our hearts smile. The jury warmly congratulates on winning the Innovation Award Architecture+ Office 2022!


Nice to see our work published in the new Slanted Special Issue Bavaria.

Publisher: Slanted Publishers
Editor: Slanted Publishers
Release: July 2022
Stober Medien
ISBN: 978-3-948440-40-4

gumpo pony x Baumeister

Happy to see the gumpo pony (left) and Lady Catherine, the real pony on the right, featured on the cover of the Baumeister Magazine.

gumpo – Pony wins Stylepark Selected Award 2021

The best novelties of each design year are honored with the Stylepark Selected Award. Whether typological and design diversity, innovative and smart or sustainable and aesthetically attractive – the novelties honored by the Stylepark Selected Award jury are united by their outstanding design quality. “

Jury statement: As a natural further development of the successful normcore collection, “pony” picks up on its formal language and yet shows its own character. The fabrics for the seat of “pony” are made from recycled plastic waste – in combination with the high level of in-house production and the focus on wood as a natural material, the design by RelvãoKellermann is conceived as sustainable in its entirety.

Nomination Sponsorship Award of the City Munich

Ana Relvão and Gerhardt Kellermann are nominated for the sponsorship Award of the City Munich 2020 in the category Design.The exhibition takes place from 06.03.-17.05.2020 at Lothringer13_Halle.
Opening is on the 5th of March, from 7 p.m.


Gumpo’s normcore collection was awarded once again, this time with the iF Design Award 2020.

All normcore products were specifically designed to be functional, adapted to the office contemporary needs and offer a number of different up-to-date material surfaces. This furniture does not dominate its location. It is laidback, reduced – and fits effortlessly in our time.


For the second time now, we are part of the Kunstverein Jahresgaben in Munich. The group exhibition is mostly run by Munich artists and reflects the art scene of the city.

Looking forward to your visit from the 7. – 15.12.2019 at the Kunstverein Galeriestraße 4, 80539 München.


We are happy to anounce, that our Normcore collection for gumpo received the German Design Award 2020.

Statement of the jury: “With their clear and function-focused design, these semi-mobile pieces of furniture support a pragmatic and minimalist interior style. The fact that these objects nevertheless achieve a highly modern, elegant and high-quality appearance only makes them the more attractive.”


Our 2 nominated product called saia, we designed for Gumpo project have made it onto the Dezeen’s longlist under Workspace Design.

saia is designed to meet the needs of a contemporary office: the functional aspects of a high table and how people interact with it, but at the same time to improve the surroundings with a subtle use of tactile materials. Saia offers an innovative solution for the cable management through the use of textile which can be easily lifted to access to cables inside. The textile itself is also a very good solution to improve the acoustics in a room.


I am happy to have a conversation with Michael Has about the “Ten principles for good design” by Dieter Rams

Thu, 4 July 2019
18:00 – 21:00 CEST

Türkenstraße 36
80799 München

Vermittlung zwischen Design und Produktion mit Hilfe der 10 Designthesen von Dieter Rams.
Ein Gespräch zwischen Michael Has und Gerhardt Kellermann.

Stylepark Selected Award

We are happy to announce that the Temp Table for Gumpo received a Stylepark Selected Award.

This year for the first time Stylepark is also highlighting the most interesting innovations at the Orgatec – by bestowing a Selected Award on each. The independent Stylepark jury has selected no less than 25 products that we feel anyone visiting Orgatec must have seen.


“Cool, casual and cutting edge” is the title of the interview lead by Oliver Herwig about our collaboration with the office furniture brand Gumpo. You can read the full interview at Gumpo’s website.

All photos by Tanja Kernweiss.


Lot’s of work, lot’s of models and prototypes, lot’s of persistence. We started this project 3 years ago, together with OHA and Holzrausch and are now finally ready to show you a completely new way of building kitchens, protected under the patent numbers DE 203495677988 and EU 394534534683968.

More information at JGAST website.


FUTUROLETTES – By the time Futuro Haus was designed, Adidas created their iconic Adilettes for the German Nacional Team. For the celebration of Futuro’s 50 anniversary we reinterpreted the Adilette and designed house shoes made out of fiber glass textile, the same material Futuro is made of.

In 1968, the prototype of the FUTURO house is completed in the small Finnish plant Polykem. Already in the autumn of the same year, the house will be presented at the Finnfokus trade fair in London, extremely prominently high on the deck of a ship on the Thames.
The international response could not have been better. It was the starting signal for one of the most unusual mobile living spaces, which even today, fifty years later, is still visionary (and spectacular) in its perception.

The New Collection – The Design Museum celebrates the 50th anniversary of the FUTURO-Haus on 21.06.2018 with a special party.
For this Munich designers, artists, musicians were asked for a napkin sketch – a greeting model – a birthday serenade – a jubilee poem – a space-futuristic donation – a live homage … that reflects the design / the house / time / its impact. The submissions will be presented this evening.

Markus Acher I Sami Ayadi I Benjamin Bergmann I Mirko Borsche I Ayzit Bostan I Friederike Daumiller I Dompteur Mooner I Sarah Dorkenwald I Martin Fengel I Karianne Fogelberg I Fritz Frenkler I Michael Geldmacher I Konstantin Grcic I Hannes Gumpp I Klaus Hackl I Johannes Haslinger aka The Lemon Orchestra I Jan Heinzelmann I Mirko Hecktor I Noem Hero I Herwig Huber I Birgitta Homburger I Hans-Joachim Irmler I Res Ingold I Anton Kaun I Gerhard Kellermann I Konstantin Landuris I Victoria Martini I Thomas Mayfried I Anna McCarthy I Thomas Meinecke I M + MI Andreas Neumeister I Olaf Nicolai I Carl Oesterhelt I Ivan Paskalev I Ana Relvao I Martin Schmidl I Gerwin Schmidt I Tanja His I Charlotte Talbot I Martin Wöhrl I Christian Zanzotti

Anton Kaun + Markus Acher
Hans-Joachim Irmler Trio
Johannes Haslinger aka The Lemon Orchestra

Thomas Meinecke_strictly vinyl

Ana Relvão and Gerhardt Kellermann from RELVÃOKELLERMANN take over the professorship


With the beginning of the summer semester 2018, the designers duo Ana Relvão and Gerhardt Kellermann from the office RELVÃOKELLERMANN teach as guest professors in the industrial design department of the ABK Stuttgart. Ana Relvão and Gerhardt Kellermann, who share the professorship, succeed Winfried Scheuer, who retired at the end of March 2018 after twenty years as Professor of Industrial Design.

More information at ABK Stuttgart website

Mirko Borsche and Relvaokellermann will present their collaboration with Edition van Treeck on 03.03.


Presentation of new “design objects in love with glass” developed in the Munich #GustavvanTreeck Studios and designed by

#KarimRashid, NYC,
#SteffenKehrle, Munich
#SachaWalckhoff, Paris
#DavidLehmann, Munich
#RELVÃOKELLERMANN & #MirkoBorsche, Munich

Drinks & talks about design & craftsmanship are completing the evening reception on the occasion of #MCBW2018.
#editionvantreeck – design in love with glass.

Supported by, Aqua Moncao & Fritz Müller








Will you join me in everyday life?

“Kommst Du mit in den Alltag?” (“Will you join me in everyday life?”) The band Blumfeld asked that question back in 1999. And it could also be the motto of imm cologne 2018: cheerful normality rather than overwrought sensationalism. Our recapitulation


Source: Will you join me in everyday life?

Typografisch inspiriert

| Elke Hagmann

GRIFFWERK entwickelt neue Glastürbeschläge | Design: Studio Relvão Kellermann

Schlicht, grafisch reduziert und an typographische Zeichen erinnernd: Der Beschlaghersteller GRIFFWERK hat vier neue Griffe für Ganzglastüren entwickelt. Das Design ist in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Münchener Studio Relvão Kellermann entstanden und nutzte gewonnenen Gestaltungsfreiraum, der durch eine neue Befestigungstechnik entstand.


Möglich machte den innovativen Designansatz eine vereinfachte Montagetechnik: Dank sogenanntem Sensa-System kann GRIFFWERK Beschläge durch Klemm- und Klebetechnik befestigen und auf Glasbohrung verzichten. Eine schmale Verbundfläche genügt. Mit dem Anliegen, die dadurch entstehenden, formalen Möglichkeiten auszuloten hat GRIFFWERK das Münchner Designstudio Relvão Kellermann beauftragt. „Es war für uns eine Herausforderung, einen eigenständigen Ansatz für eine der häufigsten und ‚bereits gesehenen’ Industrieformen auf dem Markt zu finden“, beschreibt Gerhardt Kellermann den Entwicklungsprozess. Zunächst war es beiden Designern wichtig, den Hintergrund des Unternehmens GRIFFWERK und dessen Vorgehensweise zu verstehen. Beim ersten Treffen in Blaustein hat das Design-Duo daher die nahegelegene Hochschule für Gestaltung Ulm (HfG Ulm) besucht. Mit deren Designkonzepten befasste sich GRIFFWERK bereits intensiv anlässlich der Reedition des Ulmer Griffs, der von Max Bill seinerzeit für die HFG Ulm entworfen wurde. Inspiriert von den Ansätzen der „Ulmer Schule“ entwickelten die Münchner ein Rastersystem, von dem sich alle Griffprofile ableiten ließen. Darin ordneten sie einfache Geometrien, Winkel und Radien an, die der Konstruktion der Profilformen dienten. „Es war eine interessante, formale Vorgehensweise, die zu sehr unterschiedlichen Entwürfen führte, die dennoch alle in einem Bezug zueinander stehen“, resümiert Ana Relvão.


Konsequent einfach resultiert die Gestaltung der Griffleiste PLANEO AIR: Sie besteht aus nicht mehr als einer feinen, rechteckigen Grundform und wirkt geradezu ikonenhaft einfach auf der Glasfläche. Nicht mehr als eine schwarze Linie präsentiert sich dem Nutzer. Dennoch leistet der Beschlag alle Funktionen. Griffleiste PLANEO AIR erhielt 2017 – zusammen mit dem in Blaustein entwickelten Schiebetürsystem PLANEO AIR – einen Red Dot Award für Produktdesign.


Auch das Beschlagsystem Lucia mit Handhaben in klassischem Rundprofilwurde um eine neue Griffstange ergänzt. Der Verbund zur Glasfläche ließ sich über eine schmale Grundfläche lösen. Diese führt beinahe übergangslos bis zur Handhabe und ersetzt bisher notwendige, massiven Stützen aus Rundrohr, die Bohrlöcher abdeckten. Die neue Griffstange im mattem Graphitschwarz wirkt nun filigraner und eleganter.


Zwei weitere Griffformen erinnern ebenfalls an typografische Zeichen und sind ebenso durch das definierte Rastersystem entstanden. Um mehr Leichtigkeit und Eleganz zu erreichen, verjüngen sich die Kanten der Profile serifenartig und lehnen sich dabei an Formprinzipien der Schriftgestaltung. Während Serifen in der Typografie der besseren Lesbarkeit dienen stehen sie bei Türbeschlägen auch im Dienste der verbesserten Funktionalität. Auf der Glasfläche wirken die Griffleisten maximal reduziert und muten wie schlichte, kompakte, grafische Linien an. Die funktionale Qualität durch die differenziert ausgestaltete Form entpuppt sich bei der Nutzung.

GRIFFWERK ist über den Fachhandel erhältlich.

Source: Typografisch inspiriert


Last Sunday we celebrated together with Stylepark, MAKK, Kölnmesse and over 500 invited guests the opening of Stylpark Selected, an instalation designed by Relvaokellermann.
Thank you for all the visitors and a special thanks to the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ), the MAKK, the imm cologne and Stylepark for the excellent collaboration. This exhibition was supported by Erco, Loewe, Nya Nordiska and Vitra.
Images from the opening here.


We’re so grateful to be featured at A&W Architektur & Wohnen Magazin as a Design Talent. Thank you!


09TH NOVEMBER – 09.30 AM – ROOM 4.05
So glad to be back at Faculty of Fine Arts from the University of Lisbon, the Design School where I studied, to give a lecture about our work. Looking forward to meet you there!

Cor Product Release

Future workshop, exhibition, collection premiere! In the COR Lab, four design teams create new furniture and spatial concepts for the workspace – emotionally, livably and individually configurable: Büro Uwe Fischer, Aust & Amelung, Relvãokellermann and Studio Pauline Deltour. Even more cozy comfort zones become possible with Moss, Cor’s new system sofa designedby Jehs + Laub.

Saturday, opening with small culinary delights
16. September from 6pm

Sunday and Monday
17. – 18. September from 10am

COR Haus
Hauptstraße 74
D-33378 Rheda-Wiedenbrück











So proud to see our office in very good company, featured at Süddeutsche Zeitung! SZ writes about working in Munich and features the design offices of Klaus Hackl, Konstantin Grcic, Ingo Maurer and ours, RelvaoKellermann. What a wonderful surprise, thank you!



Research and development at Bulthaup

For more than four years we collaborate with bulthaup, developing new concepts and products. Here you can find a small snippet of our last interview, talking about our approach and intense teamwork with the engineers.

DUAL as an highlight from Maison et Objet 2017 by Sight Unseen

“It’s relatively rare that we scout an emerging design brand at Maison, but UTIL — a new brand with editions by emerging designers, manufactured in Portugal — was a nice surprise. We especially love the solid ash stool by Geckeler Michels as well as the carafe by Relvão Kellermann, and the fruit bowl, Kite lamp, and minibar by Manuel Amaral Netto.”

The entire article here.

Dual with Util

So many news, we almost forgot to tell you about Dual. With Util we developed something for your table. Released in two weeks at O Apartamento in Lisbon and later this month in Maison & Objet Paris. We keep you updated!

SEYMOURE Store with Jan Heinzelmann

For the new Sunglasses Label, SEYMOURE we designed the S1 Sunglasses and joined forces with Jan Heinzelmann to work on the Flagship Store Corneliusstrasse Munich. We will take you some pictures and update our website soon, meanwhile some mobile impressions from the opening.




together with Griffwerk at BAU 2017

Griffwerk, neighbor of the HFG Ulm and producer of the famous Max Bill handle, approached us. Based on their directions we helped to developed
a small series of products. Feel free to visit them on BAU 2017, München, 16.-21. January on Stand 139 / Hall B4

COR going forward

currently working together with the development team of cor for a great surprise!

Cooperation with Bureau Mirko Borsche and Hofglasmalerei

Happy to announce this great collaboration. We will keep you updated.

edition van Treeck Vol. 2

mit Produkten von


Weiterhin planen wir eine spannende Idee von

Die Eröffnung ist am Donnerstag, 30.03.2017, 19 Uhr.
Die Werkstätten sind dann auch am Freitag, Samstag und Sonntag (31.3. – 2.4.17) von 11- 16 Uhr geöffnet.
Wir werden am Samstag um 14 Uhr außerdem eine Tour durch die Werkstätten anbieten.

Introducing a workspace fundamental at Orgatec 2016

This year at ORGATEC, we are glad to be presenting a new product together with L&Z Elements for the Collection Workspace Fundamentals.

“In collaboration with designers such as MARK BROWN,
– a comprehensive collection of products designed for the primary requirements of the contemporary workplace.”

– L&Z Elements

25. – 29. October 2016
Hall 10.2, Stand P035

Collaboration with Util

Looking forward to see and share with you the final results of our collaboration with the new portuguese brand Util. Coming soon.

Product Design From Munich – On the Trail of a Phenomenon

On Goethe Institut website you can find a very interesting article written by Sabine Schaefer-Gaiser, where our office is quoted:
“(…) a third generation of extremely talented next-gen designers is arising by the Isar.”

Feeling very proud.

You can read the entire article here.

Greetings from Porto

Eyeware project with Munich based brand Seymoure currently under development. More news to come.
Meanwhile a picture from the always amazing Mercado do Bulhao. Have been there very shortly when we visited the manufacturer.


The renown blog Minimalissmo wrote an article about the Cooking Table we did together with Bulthaup, and we didn’t even had the time to share it with you.
Shame on us…

Here you can read the entire article:
Thanks dear Nhat Vo.

Förderpreis 2016 exhibition

Just as a reminder, this year I’m nominated for the Sponsorship Award of the City of Munich and you can visit my exhibition at the Lothringer 13 till 18th May.

Bulthaup Milan 2016

If you are around Milan don’t miss the presentation of bulthaup. This year we joined forces in a small collaboration for an innovation on the working plate.

Sunglasses Edition

It’s no news for anyone my love for sunglasses.
My main hobby might be to spend hours on ebay looking for vintage sunglasses for my personal collection. It’s a never ending story, I tell you.

Last year found a great eyeware manufacture in the north of Portugal. They are the last handmade factory in the Iberian Peninsula.
Their quality is i-n-s-a-n-e.
Their know-how is i-n-s-a-n-e.
Got to make something with them.

Coming very soon a pair of sunglasses in three different acetate and lenses combinations.
Designed by us, handmade by Sociel.

Sneak peek pictures on the factory courtesy of Joana Soda’s iPhone, my assistant for a day.

Continue reading “Sunglasses Edition”

Ana Relvao Nominated

We are proud to announce that Ana Relvao is nomitated for the Förderpreis der Stadt München / Sponsorship Award of the City of Munich

Exhibition in Matosinhos, Portugal

Our work exhibited at “Desejo, Tensão, Transição”  in Matosinhos during the Portuguese Design Biennial.
Exhibition curated by José Bártolo and organized by Matosinhos City Hall, EXD’15 and Esad IDEA.

Nave Gallery, in Matosinhos, From 12th November 2015 to12th March 2016.

Poster design by R2

Ada’s form

We just got some mail. Thanks Barbara, thanks form :)

Cork Box at the Dutch Design Week

“At Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven from October 17 to 25, 2015, bayern design will present young, innovative designers. The Cultural and Creative Center of the City of Munich will be a partner of the exhibition and will introduce itself in Eindhoven together with bayern design.”

More info here.

Circulo Side Table exhibited in Sao Paulo

“Portugal presents, for the first time in Brazil, an expressive representation of national contemporary equipment design. From August 12 to 16, in São Paulo, the LEVE exhibition will take place during the São Paulo Design Weekend in partnership with MADE — Mercado. Arte. Design. It will host a series of 31 product design works created by 27 Portuguese designers — both internationally acclaimed professionals and upcoming talents.”

Picture courtesy of Manuel Amaral Netto.

Edition Form

A limited print of our work for FORM Design Magazine is now available here

Bayerische Hofglasmalerei

Today we had a very pleasant and nice visit at one of the most interesting craft-houses in Munich, the Bayerische Hofglasmalerei Gustav van Treek. We keep you updated about some nice collaboration to come.

Boxes at IMM Cologne

Panel Discussion and releasing of BOXES, by Auerberg. Today @ Wallraf-Richartz-Museum, Cologne,  19 p.m.

See you there!

Happy New Year!

Starting the year with good news: our work for Bulthaup is nominated for the Wallpaper Design Awards 2015.
find it here:

Assistant’s job

Circulo Side Table for Ervilha Criativa with our assistant checking how the light was.

Cork Box production

Think we found our men for the production of auerberg’s cork box.
They are right now cutting out sofas from cork blocks. Mainly for fun and because they can. Cheers from Portugal!

Gerhardt Kellermann Nominated

We are proud to announce that Gerhardt Kellermann is nomitated for the Förderpreis der Stadt München / Sponsorship Award of the City of Munich

Full house in Milan

The show beginns, the Bulthaup showroom opened. We are looking forward for some feedback from dealers all around the world.


Today we recieved a beautiful picture of Fabian Frinzel, who was photographing the new collection of Ayzit Bostan.  Aeki was present, too.

Press conference Replika

Quite impressive, today Ayzit Bostan and me will have our press conference at the Vierschimmelsaal der Residenz München. Togehter with Bernd Schreiber the president of the “Bayerischen Verwaltung der staatlichen Schlösser, Gärten und Seen” and Dr. Hans-Georg Küppers “Kulturreferent der Landeshauptstadt München” we will present our upcoming project Replika to the public.