It started when Manuel challenged us “to think of beautiful, unexpected and unpretentious shapes for glassware” responding to the following scenario: “Imagine what happens when you receive people either for work or leisure and you want to offer them something to drink. These glass objects function as an extension of your environment and so they are again an important detail of how you present yourself and welcome others.”
This made us think about how people serve water and how does it happens in different cultures. A japanese good manners rule came into our minds, they say it is impolite to pour your own drink – you pour your companion’s drink and your companion pours yours. How beautiful is this gesture!

Dual carafe shape affords a double directional pouring for serving and being served. The glasses, following the same formal language as the carafe are asymmetric and always look different from each other based on their perspective, but the top is round for a convenient drinking experience. The set is complete with a small aluminum tray, big enough for two glasses and a carafe.

Carafe – 7 cm × 10 cm × 20 cm
Glass – 7 cm × 8 cm × 7 cm
Tray – 30 cm x 15 cm x 1 cm

Dual Set is handmade in Portugal
Mouthblown glass and aluminum tray

Complete Set 150€  →  ORDER

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