When designing the installation, which is a mix of reality and imagination, we intended to show that contemporary office furniture doesn’t need to shout, doesn’t need to use loud tactics to be modern. 

The installation itself had to be normcore*. Our idea was to use the expertise of Böhmler, select a few known elements of the office world and give them a different light.

We end up doing it literally: created a bright scenario with an organic flooring and used the classical vertical office blinds as a background. Those blinds were fulfilled with backlight, staging an imaginary office space.

In the front of the scenario and merging naturally with it, the spectator will find some casual, reduced and modern products of gumpo normcore collection interacting gently with the silhouettes projected onto the blinds.

  *an unisex fashion trend characterized by unpretentious clothing and name of our current collection for the office furniture manufacturer Gumpo.

The installation will be on display until October 2020 in the Pavillion of Böhmler Büro und Objekt, Tal 11, 80331 Munich

Photography by Gerhardt Kellermann
Project Assistance by Florian Giele