A collective of five industrial designers and cabinetmakers have jointly developed J*GAST, a kitchen system that bridges the gap between customized cabinetmaker kitchens and standardized industrial solutions. That’s possible thanks to an innovative and patented frame backbone which moves away from the conventional carcass construction. The frame is flexible in height and width and forms the basic framework for all other elements. This construction adapts to any architecture and doesn’t need any blinds or fitting pieces.
J*GAST allows to break away from fixed widths and to have a combination of flush-mounted and overlaying fronts.
Solid wood is used for frames, front beams, pull-outs, drawers, as well as interior dividers. Real wood veneered panels are used for side panels, shelves and partially for fronts. We’ve pre-selected solid woods, real wood veneers, lacquered surfaces, ultra-matt and highly durable laminates, as well as metals, terrazzo and natural stones.
Aluminum is avoided, plastic elements are reduced to the mininum, and high-quality materials are used to ensure long-lasting quality.
The amount of parts is reduced up to 50% and the transport volume is lowered due to flat-packaging.


Team:  Holzrausch – RELVĀOKELLERMANN – OHA
Photo: Gerhardt Kellermann