J*GAST is a patented kitchen system

Behind the Munich label J*GAST, a new revolution is underway in the kitchen industry. Their unique intelligence lies in a patented and completely rethought construction method that can be scaled and adapted to any architecture. These kitchens do not need the double side walls and panels that are common in the industry.

Following a holistic approach, structures are designed according to smart planning and production technologies. This enables the same rational individual planning that comes from the system manufacturer but combines the use of natural materials and craftsmanship details, which are usually found only in high-priced individual carpenter kitchens. J*GAST reinterprets the kitchen as a modern and honest piece of furniture in the middle of the living space and away from the cost-optimised “one-size-fits-all” market.



Team:  Holzrausch – RELVĀOKELLERMANN – OHA
Photo: Gerhardt Kellermann