Office furniture should be flexible because it allows us to respond to a context that is changing. From where we are, we cannot predict what the office of the future will be, but we believe we can design products thinking about openness, meaning, allowing a variety of uses; and as transformable as possible, that is, able to change in relation to evolving contexts.
Normcore is about adaptability, it’s not about over-specification nor exclusivity.

The nine products previously introduced were designed following these aspects of openness and transformation. Gumpo normcore is a bespoke collection, an assortment of systems and elements curated in terms of functions, proportions and materials which can be combined together giving infinite possibilities for an interior architect in his/her plannings.

Thinking about what exactly adaptability means in the everyday office life, we came up with a product which has the flexibility to be with anyone for any reason.

pony is the office go-to solution for being private and away or for getting together and collaborate with others.
Due to its characteristics, is the first gumpo normcore product that doesn’t belong to the architecture, it’s made to be in close relation with the user’s body.

pony is easily movable on castors and is made almost exclusively of wood, with many operations being performed by hand. The outer shell is made of plywood, pressed into shape at gumpo’s production site in Teisbach. Even the pole is a tube made of wood, which means that all the parts can be coated with the same finish in the in-house paint shop.

As standard, pony is available in six finishes and six fabrics. The selected fabrics are made entirely from recycled plastic waste.
Due to the high proportion of in-house production, it goes without saying that gumpo is able to cater to individual customer and architect requests.

Project Assistance by Florian Giele.
Thank you Gestüt Bayern’s for kindly support us with your mini ponies.

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The Pony is available here for purchase