A table for standing meetings.
Meetings are increasingly held in standing position. saia is a high table that satisfies the demands of modern conference situations. The fabric-coated substructure creates a colourful highlight in the room. The cladding can also be removed so that cables can be laid easily and mains adapters can be stored. saia uses the joints of the divided table tops as a cable trough and for connector panels and accessories.

Nowadays, furniture is more likely to fall into styling since consumption happens way faster than ever before. The excessive use of design elements associated with styling are now also a common practice amongst office furniture, which in our point of view is a contradiction, regarding the fact office furniture normally should last long.

Appropriating the term “Normcore”, a unisex fashion trend characterized by unpretentious clothing, gumpo’s Normcore collection was designed for planners and architects that consciously choose furniture for their projects that are functional and adapted to contemporary needs, merging naturally into the architecture.

Width: 1600 / 1800 / 2000
Depth: 920
Height: 1080

Coated panels, either plastic or veneer

Photography by Gerhardt Kellermann
Project Assistance by Florian Giele

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