A while ago, we visited a Portuguese manufacturer for eyeware. Sociel, so it’s called, is the last handmade production for acetate frames in the Iberian Peninsula. Their quality and know-how is something unbelievable and we got hot on fire to do something together since then.

The idea of a sunglasses edition came across, therefore we design the frames we both were willing to have: simple wayfarer, contemporary bold lines, big size, unisex.
Something we loved about the process was the fact that it was so simple and effective. Last December we were on the factory for selection of the materials and to discussed details on comfort and ergonomics. Sociel explained us everything about good quality frames and details that just can be done by hand like the nose bridge curves. We were able to select 3 acetates amount their beautiful collection and had the wish the get an Havanna glossy, just with the front in matte. That they told us that would be impossible, at least three times, till the moment Mr. José Maria had the idea to do an experiment and sanding the front by hand after the frame is polished. They made a test and everybody got astonished by the result. One of the employee kept saying “this is an innovation!”
We could not be more happy about the Collection. Now we have the most beautiful Havanna Shades plus a very classical Black ones and a Modern Milky Beige with metallic lenses combination in a limited edition of 50.

RK Edition debuts a cross-section of RELVAOKELLERMANN original products available to purchase in limited editions, periodically updated at RK Edition’s independent online gallery.
Authenticity and ethical standards are key issues in all RK Edition products. Seeking for a transparent production chain, all our products are labeled with ‘Made in’, ‘Made with’ and ‘Made by’.

SHADES are made in Portugal
made with Italian acetate
made by hand at Sociel
148 mm × 52 mm / 52-25