Objects always enable different utilizations and functions than the ones they were designed for. A chair was obviously designed to seat on, but depending on specific and momentary needs, it can become something totally different. For instance, it can easily
become a step ladder or even a coat hanger. The user perceives the object characteristics and uses it for the problem he faces.

The photographic diffusers and reflectors are technical objects, tools, created to manipulate the light in a scene, and they come in different sizes. We thought about using them in domestic pro- poses, instead of professional ones, for lamps, instead of projectors, as a functional and graphic elements, rather then technical tools.

In our opinion, there are two types of interesting DIY projects: the ones you build by following instructions, and the ones that inspire you to design your one creations. But really important, in both cases, is the “keep it simple”, with reachable techniques and raw materials.

SZ Magazin DIY Lights ABC are our solutions and we give you instructions to rebuild them. Who knows how interesting it could be if one starts to create the versions d, e, f, and so on.