Couple of months ago we got a call from our favorite engineer in the world, head of product development at Bulthaup, proposing us a short collaboration on reinventing the working plate of their prestigious b3 kitchen system.

Bulthaup is a brand we know quite well and for whom we worked some years. After a very intensive collaboration (once we even moved to a hotel next to the factory for 3 months) we got a very good proposal by Bulthaup for having a position in their company. We had to make a decision, whether to keep on going and becoming kitchen designers for life, or to stop it and keep our office running. Even though it was very tempting, we decided for the office. If there is something we know is the diversity of product categories we work is what keep us alive. We love the idea of working in systems but at the same time on electronics, accessories and furniture. Why not in clothes as well? Our passion is to invent and by keeping the working field so open our motivation is always on top.

This new short collaboration with Bulthaup was something we did with a lot of pleasure. Their briefings are always jigsaw puzzles and it feels wonderful the moment we find the solution.
For a kitchen studio like Bulthaup a working plate is normally a problematic part to sell. It happens very often that the client decides to acquire the working plate on a regional supplier, since it is nothing more than a plate. Duo to industrial technologies a company like Bulthaup can access, it was possible to generate some haptic moments on the integration of elements like the sink or the cooking field. It’s not anymore about precise and geometrical cuts and silicone connections, but about a fluid connection of the working plate with these elements. And functionally, to clean a working top was never so easy.
The cherry on top is the fact that the working top gets independent from the closets underneath, creating a whole new picture on the kitchen landscape.

The new b3 working top was presented by Bulthaup during the EuroCucina, Salone del Mobile 2016, Milan.