Amid this year’s Munich Creative Business Week with the theme “How to co-create with nature,” CRAFT FORWARD II explores the possibilities between archaic materials and forward-looking technologies in its second edition. The joint exhibition by J*GAST, karuun®, TYP®—initiated by Meiré and Meiré—explores new paths in design. The focus is on the originality of natural raw materials and textures, which are reinterpreted in entirely new ways through innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence.

As part of this, author Andrian Kreye presented his book “The Spirit from the Machine,” forming the starting point for the subsequent panel talk with the protagonists from J*GAST (Office Heinzelmann Ayadi, Relvaokellermann & Holzrausch), karuun®, TYP®, and Mike Meiré.

Jun 04th, 2024
Gerhardt Kellermann