Three “U-sheets” of anodized aluminum are glued together providing a box:
very lightweight, solid, stackable in two directions and with carrying handles on both sides.

Anodized Aluminum
35 cm x 49 cm x 30 cm

People always created containers for their things to be stored: Our predecessors traveled with a basket, in the medieval period people used artful chests to express their social status, sailors had their sailor boxes and the 68 generation used old orange boxes as shelves. So this means that the box is the third archetype object in our culture history, following the table and the chair.

BOXES: Re-interpret the object
The utility of the box always influenced design – functionality was the main thing to concentrate on when designers sketched boxes. The manufacturer Auerberg concentrated on that fact and produced some highly functional containers. The design approach of being “radically subjective” was realized by internationally renowned designers in order to re-interpret a box with different materials for all types of purposes. All the boxes have only one aim: to serve their purpose as best as possible.

Nine designers of five nations designed nine boxes as well as a special one for the new collection of the museum. Christoph Böninger, Fritz Frenkler, Tobias Grau, Gerhardt Kellermann and Herbert Schultes from Germany, Emanuela Frattini-Magnusson from the USA, Alfredo Häberli from Switzerland, Marialaura Irvine-Rossellio from Italy and Ana Relvao from Portugal were working for this project.

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