These two cooking appliances open up new options for the molekular kitchen and expand the existing gaggenau vario hob series. The Icy Fryer shock freezes food with liquid nitrogen: finger food or desserts can be cooked at lightning speed, with a spectacular show effect. The Vacuum Cooker provides the preparation of meals at low temperatures. Without water or oxygen it retains the vitamins, minerals and the natural consistency of the food.

Liquid nitrogen flows safely into a bowl and can be dosed by using an adjustable switch. The developing vapour is extracted and channelled across a corrugated aluminium tin which serves an additional cooling surface.

The food to be simmered is suspended in the frame between two layers of foil. The frame is placed in the vacuum station to extract the oxygen. Vitamins, minerals and aromatic essences are locked in. When the VC450 is activated, the glass frame rises to the level of the food to be simmered and fills with water.

This study is a result of the Gaggenau Design Workshop 2007 and was done in collaboration with Dominique Beolet.