In a market saturated with heritage-rich Italian coffee machines, it’s hard to find a model that doesn’t echo the iconic Faema E61, designed by Carlo Ernesto Valente in 1961. Traditional espresso machines, with their chrome accents and robust components, resemble the muscle cars of the coffee world — powerful, intricate, and classic.

We believe a new developed portafilter machine should follow another approach. Turn back unnecessary complexity to focus on what matters most — efficiency and functionality. This machine isn’t just about making coffee; it’s about creating space. With a redesigned form factor, it allows for more efficient use of kitchen space, facilitating easier preparation. This approach, enhanced by the choice of aluminum, integrates seamlessly into modern kitchens, offering a subtle presence unlike traditional models.

Equipped with modern sensors, our machine supports the user by optimizing coffee extraction in ‘Easy’ mode, designed for everyday ease. For those who appreciate detailed control, the ‘Nerd’ mode offers complete visibility and control over all brewing parameters. These modes not only make coffee preparation intuitive but also help users gradually improve their barista skills. The thoughtful design and component selection of the entire machine prioritize energy efficiency, enhancing sustainability throughout the brewing process.

This development emphasized conceptual integrity and functional simplicity, addressing every aspect from mechanics and user interaction to overall utility. Achieved through close collaboration with the engineering experts at Gronbach over four years, this process led to a significant breakthrough, fundamentally transforming the essence of what a coffee machine can be.

Project Assistance: Florian Giele, Ingrid Kussatz and Theo Luvisotto.
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